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Waste Mart - Waste Management ServicesWaste Mart - Waste Management ServicesWaste Mart - Waste Management ServicesWaste Mart - Waste Management ServicesWaste Mart - Waste Management Services


We embrace this opportunity to make a positive impact and help preserve our Environment, our Gift, our Trust. We therefore strive to strike a balance between our economic objectives, human and material resources and social systems. We strive to apply these in our daily business operations and in our search for new opportunities.


We respect and value the contribution of all our employees. We acknowledge our strength lies in one team, one company and thus place a high premium on team harmony. As we relish our rights, we are aware of our related responsibilities. We share our victories and are jointly accountable for our imperfections. In a unified fashion and with combined energy we will valiantly pursue our goal and our purpose.

Business Partners

In preserving our environment, we are acutely aware that we cannot do it alone. We are thus committed to build sustainable relationships with our Business Partners and willingly exchange best practices. We are equally aware of their individual needs and continuously seek new and innovative ways to focus on their satisfaction.


We exercise high levels of professionalism in our work at every occupational level. We view every form of interaction and engagement as an opportunity to make a sincere and lasting impression. We constantly look at how to develop our people and services to be consistently professional in all our dealings.

Honesty and Integrity

We do not merely comply but are fiercely committed to the relevant laws governing our company and industry. We respect good work and business practices and act in accordance with what we say. We challenge unethical behaviour as a matter of personal responsibility, regardless of our position in the organisation. We are fully aware that honesty and integrity must be driven and, lived from the top of the organization.