Domestic wet & dry refuse collection

WasteMart manages a wide range of domestic refuse and recycling collections on behalf of the City of Cape Town. Through our sub-contractors, we currently service in excess of 175 000 homes per month.

Conventional domestic refuse collections are carried out in the following areas:
  • Brown’s Farm, Philippi, Weltevreden and surrounds
  • Helderberg, Nomzamo, Lwandle, Strand, Somerset West, Gordons Bay

In 2008, WasteMart was the first company to be awarded a contract by the City of Cape Town for the removal of both ‘wet’ general refuse and ‘dry’ recyclable waste materials from homes. This involved door-to-door collection and transport of recyclables to a materials recovery facility for sorting and baling, in preparation for reprocessing into new products again. Currently WasteMart manages domestic recycling collection contracts on behalf of the City of Cape Town to residents in Hout Bay and the Atlantic Seaboard.

Here’s how to join in and recycle

Free weekly collection of recyclable materials (plastic, paper, glass, tins) is available to households in the following areas: Hout Bay, Llandudno, Camps Bay, Clifton, Bantry Bay, Fresnaye.

Join in by ordering a starter pack. Or purchase clear bags for recycling from Spar or Pick n Pay in Hout Bay or Spar and Checkers in Regent Road, Sea Point.

Get sorted for recycling

Follow these simple steps to get into the recycling routine:

  • During the week, gather your ‘dry’ recyclables (paper, glass bottles, tins, plastic) together in a clear plastic bag.
  • On refuse removal day, place your clear bag with recyclables next to or on top of your wheelie-bin (which helps prevent dogs getting to them).
  • We will remove your bag of recyclables and swop it for a fresh bag to collect the following week’s recyclables – and you’re on your way.

We can deliver your starter pack to you. Contact 0860 456 789 or email:


Domestic Recycling
What can be recycled and must go into the clear bag?
  • Plastic milk/drinks bottles and other containers
  • Paper and cardboard (flattened and folded)
  • Glass bottles and jars (no other glass)
  • Metal drinks and food cans
  • Juice or milk boxed containers
What cannot be recycled and must go into the refuse bin?
  • Food waste, scraps and peelings
  • Cling wrap, disposable nappies, toothpaste tubes
  • Wet or contaminated paper and cardboard
  • Old clothing and shoes
What must I do with my bag of recyclables?

Place your bag of recyclables next to (or on top of) your wheelie-bin for collection on refuse removal day.

When must I put my bag of recyclables out for collection?

On the same day as your refuse is collected.

How do I get a new clear bag for my recyclables?

A new clear bag will be swopped for the bag of recyclables that you put out for collection. You can also use blue bags available at most supermarkets to start with.

Are the lids from plastic bottles recyclable?

Bottles with tops on keep plastic bottles full of air. This takes up a lot of space in bags and on collection vehicles. So take tops off and squeeze plastic bottles flat. The caps can then be added in with the recyclables, but not left on the bottles.

What about pizza boxes and food packaging?

All paper, cardboard or plastic containers will be recycled. However, please remove excess food before placing the paper, cardboard or plastic container in recycling bag.

Should I rinse out milk bottles first?

It is not absolutely necessary to rinse bottles – but do it with dishwater if you can – but the bottles must be emptied of remaining liquid before placing the bottle in the recycling bag.

What must I do with cardboard boxes?

Flatten cardboard boxes and place beside wheelie-bin.

Can I recycle broken glass or cups or window glass?

No other glass except bottles can be put out for recycling.

What about electronic e-waste – like batteries, globes, appliances.

No these can’t be recycled in our system and must not be put into the clear bag. Some retailers such as Woolworths, Pick n Pay or Spar have stores which can take them.

Can I put garden refuse into the clear bag?

No – garden refuse must be taken to the City’s drop-off sites.

Are business also included in the free kerbside collection programme?

No. Businesses and restaurants must make their own recycling arrangements with contractors of their choice or they can contact us on 0860 – 456 786  or

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